My goal with this blog and YouTube channel is to provide a place to post how-to’s, reviews, teardowns, and general update videos. I got the inspiration to start this when I got tired of searching YouTube and other places for information on tools I was wanting to purchase and constantly coming up empty. Also I might be posting some goofy stuff. It’s in my nature so I can’t fight it..

One comment on “About

  1. Greetings. I just wanted to say thank you for your videos. As a computer engineer myself, I like to tinker with gadgets and work on DIY projects around the house. I came across your video on the M18 ‘christmas light’ temperature sensor. It was very informative and in the event that I experience that situation, I know what to do. Your video on troubleshooting the HVAC inductor motor had gone farther than my troubleshooting on my faulty HVAC unit over 10 years ago. I experienced the same humming noise and immediately noticed the motor was not moving. Quick swap with new motor was what was needed.

    Anyways, keep up with the great work. Highly enjoyed your videos.


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