One comment on “How to Fix a Floppy Flex-head Ratchet (Harbor Freight Pittsburgh Pro)

  1. The G7 problems you are having are card related. The Lexar card you are using does not play nicely with the G7. I know this from my own experience and the experience of others.
    The most consistent problem is that when recording 4K videowith the Lexar, the recording just continues and can’t be stopped unless the battery is ejected. Happened with me constantly with the Lexar card you are using. I think it has to do with the 3 pin configuration which the G7 cannot use. Anyway, as soon as I switched cards (I am using Transcend SDXC 1 (10) 3) I have never ha the problem again and that was almost a year ago.
    I have given this advice to others and they stopped using the Lexar card and their problems stopped as well.
    Good luck


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